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VK-NARDEP is an integral project of Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari
It was started in 1986 inspired by Indic vision of the seers:
Isavasyam idam Sarvam - All Existence is permeated by Divine


Swami Vivekananda's clarion call to uplift the downtrodden masses.


Inner sustainability is one of the core activities of VK-nardep that has received high accolades and recognition from various quarters. We regularly conduct motivation workshops,personality development workshops for various sections of the society including government agencies, Panchayat presidents, social workers, NGOs, self-help groups, students etc. With VK-nardep these workshops have their own uniqueness and effectiveness.

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The field experience in technology dissemination in the field of sustainable technology along with successful innovation of green-technologies for more than a quarter of a century has made VK-nardep an important institution for green technologies. The following modules are the best VK-nardep has to offer in the field of green construction technology, Water management, Sustainable Agriculture, Indigenous Health and Renewable Energy.

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Green Rameshwaram


English, Vision Documentary:
Green Pilgrimage Rameshwaram



Hindi Vision Documentary:
Green Pilgrimage Rameshwaram

Green Rameshwaram

Tamil documentary

Shakti Surabhi Videos

Shakti-Surabhi :: Tamil Documentary


Shakti-Surabhi :: Hindi Documentary


Shakti-Surabhi :: English Documentary

English Books

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Biogas Biogas Title: Biogas : A Manual on repair and maintenance [Tamil] This book is a guide for biogas users, masons and engineers. It helps the reade... Read more
A second look at Agriculture. A second look at Agriculture. Title: A second look at Agriculture. This book deals with how chemical agriculture is destroying the fertility of the soil as well as the ... Read more
Green Foot-Prints Green Foot-Prints Green Foot-Prints brings together the eco-wisdom from the living heritages of all humanity with specific relevance to a developing nation an... Read more
Bio-Methanation Plant: Introductory Manual Bio-Methanation Plant: Introductory Manual Shakti Surabhi© is the bio-methanation plant which produces energy from kitchen waste.It is a result of 25 years of VK-nardep work in the bi... Read more
Green Health Care for Livestock Green Health Care for Livestock English [Out of Print]Green Health Care for Livestock is a well-researched, easily understandable richly illustrated hand book for marginal ... Read more
A Second look at Agriculture A Second look at Agriculture English, Rs 15/-This book lucidly explains in the form of a conversation between a wise old man and a ‘progressive’ farmer the real perils o... Read more
The wonder fern Azolla The wonder fern Azolla English, Rs 70/-The book provides detailed concepts and methodology of nardep mode of Azolla cultivation. It also gives the diagrams of vari... Read more
Biogas A Boon Biogas A Boon English, Rs 60/-Free of jargons yet conveying the science and technology behind the biogas without dilution this book is another publication... Read more
Biogas User's Gude Biogas User's Gude English, Rs 15/- [Out of Print]This book is for the biogas users. It has instructions as to how to have optimum usage from biogas plant. It... Read more
Energy for the Future Energy for the Future English, Rs 15/- [Out of Print]This is a comprehensive introduction to the different renewable energy resources available for common Indians... Read more
Hand book on Rain Water Harvesting Hand book on Rain Water Harvesting English, Rs 150/-This is a richly illustrated handbook on rainwater  harvesting released by Vivekananda Kendra-NARDEP. [Book cover] The book... Read more
The Scared Earth The Scared Earth English, Rs 20/-The book aims to accomplish the creation of eco-awareness by first highlighting the inter-connectedness of all life on earth... Read more