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    Plant Extracts

    Plant extracts as pest repellents is a very effective method of pest control. The general principle of preparing such extracts is simple. Insect pests of paddy do not attack other plants. These wild plants have developed bio-chemicals arsenals in the long drawn evolutionary interactions against the insect pests. Hence any plant extract that is made from a plant that is locally available and which is found least attractive to pests can be used as a pest repellent in the crop.

    General instruction for the optimal use of any plant extract:

    1. Usually the plant leaf extracts should be filtered with cotton cloth and 4 gram Khadhi soap' per litre of solution should be added for proper dispersion and then sprayed.
    2. If the plant extracts are sprayed just sometime before dawn and sometime after dusk, one can expect good results.
    3. Always the farmer should have an idea of the economic threshold level of insects in his field so as to calibrate the dosage against this level.


    A combination of agronomic, mechanical and biological package rich from sowing can save the crop from incidence of pest. Proper pest surveillance and timely control measures can repel the pest and save the crop.

    The main reason that these methods can gain popularity among farmers is that the items necessary for making them are easily available, not much investment is required to prepare them and lastly they have been found effective.


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