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    Renovation of Traditional Water Harvesting Structure

    Murugan Kuntram is a small hillock with a temple for Deity Murugan, Skanda – a very popular Tamil Deity, at its top. Its proximity to the popular pilgrimage center Kanyakumari. A good water body by the side of the hillock temple in that rocky area has been a long time wish of the devotees as well as local community. Hence, with the support of Sri. R.S.Keswani and also the participation of local communities, VK-nardep started the work of construction of a rain water harvesting structure. The proposed tank site was in a rockey terrain. It was deepened with explosives (after getting due permission from authorities) and layers of accumulated silt was removed with JPC. Then the loving physical labour was provided by local communities, students, Kendra volunteers and the pond started getting shape. Temple ponds have a traditional structure. This pond too was created with the same traditional features including an elaborate form of steps for people to come and take bath as well as do ritual obulations.

    From the unyielding outer surface of a rockey terrain, slowly and definitely a temple pond takes shape. JPC is removing the silt and Kendra volunteers are participating in providing labour for the deepening of the pond by removing tons of stones.

    The rain water around the hillock was channelised to the tank and for that channels were made and also structures, in the form of 4’ PVC pipes (left) have been embedded in the walls of temple tank. Deepened, ready with proper infrastructure constructed and aligned topographically to receive rain water, now the structure started expecting the monsoons to fill it with water and transform the landscape with the precious resource for life.

    vknardep water harvesting

    vknardep water harvesting

    vknardep water harvesting

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