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    Grey Water Treatment

    Domestic waste water coming out of kitchen and bathrooms is called grey water. This water contains chemical used in household cleaning, detergents from dishwasher and washing machines as well as bathing soap. This grey water can be n\managed as a valuable resource. The phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen containing compounds in grey water are normally viewed as a source of pollution to lakes, rivers and ground water. These can act as excellent nutrient sources for vegetation when this particular from of waste water is made available for irrigation.  Horticulturists and agriculturists as well as home gardeners can benefit from these resources. The design and landscaping advantages of local grey water treatment and management systems makes it valuable to landscape planners, builders, developers and contractors. Phytoremediation is an eco – friendly technique which uses plants to treat grey water. These systems when properly designed utlise the nutrient content in the effluent, and can constitute a real solution to the treatment / management of grey water. “Real solution” here means that these treatment / management systems simply do not generate waste products which, by definition, require disposal. Training programmes on “Grey Water Treatment (with DST core support) are being conducted regularly by VK-nardep for college students as well as other professionals and public who are interested.

    vknardep, grey water treatment

    vknardep, grey water treatment

    vknardep, grey water treatment

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