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    Fish Amino

    Crops need more than 20 mineral nutrients, some like N.P.K, are required in large quantities the macro nutrients and others the micro nutrients which are required in very small quantities.  Like animals plants also needs a varieties of amino acids which cannot be synthesised or may not be synthesised in sufficient quantity in plants. This is also the case of amines, organic ring compounds and vitamines etc., which are very vital for better vegetative growth better flowering and productivity. These compounds which are required in very small quantities often become the limiting factor for the growth and the productivity of important crops. Many of these compounds which are available in the nature can influence the plant growth positively and increase the productivity substantially.  One such formulation that contains rare essential amino acids, chelated calcium, prosperous, and a variety of other nutrients is the Fish Amino. This formulation is suitable both as foliar spray and also for basal application.

    vknardep, fish amino

    vknardep, fish amino

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