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    Visha Vaidyas

    Of the different indigenous systems of medicines in India Siddha and Ayurveda are two important and major systems. They have very efficient and cost-effective solutions for many ailments. One such is the venom bites and poison intakes. Venom is an organic substance from another living organism – usually protein- which when injected into human body through bite or sting, can cause various ill effects, from pain to death. Poisons are usually inorganic in nature and injurious to health on intake. In a tropical country like India which is dependent on agriculture, venomous bites particularly from snakes are common phenomena. Further there are other creatures –from centipedes to scorpions and not to speak of monkeys and rabid dogs. In such a situation the treatment for venom should be easily accessible and cost effective and also de-centralized.

    Dr. V.Ganapathy and his team from VK-nardep exactly discovered that. There is a network of traditional healers, physicians and varied forms of venom treatment in rural communities of medicinemen. The team investigated and collected a rich amount of material based on the observation of individual practices, palm-leaves based manuscripts, embedded knowledge in traditional communities etc. They also discovered varied forms of treatment that showed great regional and contextual variety. With the help of AYUSH, Dr.Ganapathy and his team have collected this wealth of information and have discovered that these informal, decentralized and cost-effective medical networks built by ages, are fast getting destroyed because of various factors.  VK-nardep has documented various techniques and cost-effective treatments that can be carried out in case of a venomous bite or poison intake.

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