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    vknardep holistic health It has been estimated by the World Health Organisation that the prevalence of diabetes in the developing world will increase by 48% by the year 2025 2, which will equate to an actual increase of 170% in the number of diabetes sufferers. By 2025, over 75% of diabetes cases will be in the developing world. India has the highest prevalence of diabetes in the world (32 million expected to increase to 78 million by 2030 according to WHO estimate) , accounting for almost one sixth of the world’s diabetic patients. Asian Indians are genetically predisposed to insulin resistance and because of this, in conjunction with a more sedentary lifestyle, higher total and saturated fat consumption and a higher intake of cholesterol and refined carbohydrates, they are at a high risk of developing diabetes. Recent studies have shown that for every person known to have diabetes, there are more than two persons who have diabetes but are unaware of it

    So VK-nardep has taken up the study of the ancient medical literature on diagnostics of diseases using urinary analysis – particularly with reference to diabetes. It also studies cost-effective traditional methods of diagnosis through urine analysis for diabetes. It is working on Creating scientifically rigourous standardization of the procedure and accessory documentation for accompanying the standardized tests for diagnosis of diabetes.Ultimate aim here is to create a domestic medical analysis tool kit to test for diabetes.


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