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    Siddha Bone Fracture Treatment

    siddha bone fracture treatment, vknardepVK-nardep works in the field of documentation, clinical application, awareness creation  and standardization of selected tradition orthopedic Varma practices in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu.Though many of the traditional Varma medical healers treat a number of complicated orthopedic cases successfully, their methods have not been studied. The success-failure rates of their results also have not been documented.  This work by VK-nardep involves the collection of Varma literature for selective bone fractures and documentation of the treatment cycle of selected Varma practitioners in the two southern districts of Tamil Nadu namely Kanyakumari and Thirunelveli. Emphasis is given for chronic joint pains, degenerative disorders particularly for cervical & lumbar spondylitis and vertebral dislocations. Varma based Bone setting techniques and healing for joint dislocations are given specific consideration by VK-nardep.Ultimate aim of VK-nardep is creating community assets in the form of trained physicians, conservation of local indigenous knowledge base and improved cost-effective health systems.


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