Hindi Rs 70/-

This is the Hindi version of the complete manual on Azolla technology: including the backyard Azolla cultivation technology developed by Dr.Kamalasanan Pillai and the usage of Azolla as a broad spectrum bio-feed for livestock as well as poultry. The book provides a brief evolutionary history and ecological significance of Azolla and also the economic advantages backyard Azolla cultivation has for marginal farmers.



Hindi Rs 300/-

This is the Hindi version of the book that gives all the multi-colour panels of the famous 'Gramodaya for Right Living' eco-technology exhibition lodged at Vivekanandapuram, Kanyakumari. The book gives in Hindi highly informative educational panels which explain sustainable technologies and principles behind them in the field of cost-effective construction, water management, holistic health and sustainable agriculture. This is a very good introduction to sustainable development for students as well as those interested in sustainable development in Indian context.



Hindi Rs 15/-

This is the Hindi version of the manual “Biogas Manures Users Guide” which explains how to use the biogas slurry as a nutrient supplier for the adjoining garden in the homestead. The booklet gives table of nutrient value of various composts along with biogas slurry. It also covers a few case studies to prove its superiority over regular compost.



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