Title: Biogas : A Manual on repair and maintenance [Tamil] This book is a guide for biogas users, masons and engineers. It helps the reader in identifying the problems that come up during biogas installation and usage. It helps in effective maintenance and repairs of the plant.The book has technical diagrams which are presented in a way even layman can understand. This is a must for every biogas user and constructor: for both layman and professional.



Title: A second look at Agriculture. This book deals with how chemical agriculture is destroying the fertility of the soil as well as the economy and quality of life of the farmer and the health of the soil.



Green Foot-Prints brings together the eco-wisdom from the living heritages of all humanity with specific relevance to a developing nation and an ancient civilization like India that is Bharath. The book consists of four parts. The first part, Sacred Green enumerates how environmental care was embedded into our day to day culture and is part of our way of life. How the sense of sacredness flowers into Ecological Intelligence.

The second part Greening of Human Intelligence showcases the works of secveral activists and thinkers of this century, who created awareness globally about the hazards of blindly imitating the western life style. The third part Green Diversity illustrates how the irreplaceable Bio-diversity got displaced due to industrialization and the rearguard steps needed to be taken to reinstate it.

The fourth part Green Systems deals with the steps taken by various peoples' initiatives in safeguarding the traditional knowledge systems, an invaluable asset which the so-called developed countries owe to the developing ones. All together this  lucidly presents all the various aspects of one of the most pressing need of the hour for the whole humanity. The book brings out experiences, illustrations, quotations, writings, and summary of activities from various relevant sources. Mahatma Gandhi,  Firitjof Capra, James Lovelock, Vandana Shiva, Pachauri and many other eminent holistic thinkers and achievers share their vision in the pages of this book.

An Inspiring guide to the soul of any one interetsed in sustainable development and the future of humanity's children - that is : This is for everyone.

Green Foot-Prints Vol-36 No.1 Issue no: 71 Price: Rs 125/- Pages:274


Shakti Surabhi© is the bio-methanation plant which produces energy from kitchen waste. It is a result of 25 years of VK-nardep work in the biogas field. It comes in various types and sizes: Fixed, portable, different volumes, large size for institutions etc. You can download an introductory brochure on this plant from our newly added downloads. You can download by clicking HERE



English [Out of Print]
Green Health Care for Livestock is a well-researched, easily understandable richly illustrated hand book for marginal dairy farmers and also extension workers working with marginal dairy farmers. The book covers cattle care, both preventive and curative. . The book has good and humorous cartoons which makes its reading a pleasure for a common man. It also makes the book attractive for students who may be interested in the subject. There is a glossary of 62 herbs that can be commonly used for the livestock treatment.



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