Tamil, Rs 40/-
    The book ‘Thayin Madiyil’ (In the lap of Mother: Tamil) aims to create ecoawareness by appealing to the child in us and also to children at large. This book is an eco-activity book for children. The book makes the children create charts and pictures and also teaches them daily values like how to keep their rooms and houses clean, helping the elders and living in harmony with friends and neighbors.  Thus the book provides personal values, social values and also ecological values.

    Tamil  Rs 25/-
    This is a detailed dialogue between world famous environmentalist Edward Goldsmith and Indian philosopher Krishna Chaitanya. The book is in Tamil. The central thesis of this dialogue shared by the two thinkers, Edward Goldsmith and Krishna Chaitanya, is that the industrial way of life is no longer sustainable. Excerpt from the book : "But one definite conclusion that we, in our small way, seem to have arrived at, is that the world is a continuum, a  system in a profound sense, not in the materialistic sense or in the sense of the physicist;" Elegant and meaningful Eco-Cartoons add beauty to the book.

    Tamil 25/-  3rd Revised Edition
    Use of Vermicompost has been explained in Tamil for the beginners as well as farmers who are interetsed in using Vermi-Compost. This is a richly illustrated comprehensive guide to using Vermi-compost in gardens, farmyards and for many horticultural crops. Different composting techniques are also explained in detail.

    Sanaarivayu kalan kattumana vazhikati  Tamil  Rs 10/-
    A simple guide book in Tamil for construction of Biogas plant. This is meant for those who are involved in construction and maintenance of Biogas plants - both for professionals and also end-users. Biogas users can use the manual to understand the basic technology involved in Biogas plant working.

    Tamil Rs 15/-
    This book deals with the use of biogas slurry as a good nutritional input for homestead garden and farms. The book details the 'dos' and 'do nots' of the system and also provides scientific data about how biogas slurry improves the basic soil health parameters. The book also shares the experiences of the farmers in using biogas slurry.

    Aduvome  pallu paduvome   Tamil Songs Rs.35/-  5th revised Edition
    A book containing eco-songs in Tamil : They are good for inculcating eco-values to children. They can be sung on community gatherings, children camps, SHG group gatherings etc. They are in simple Tamil and verses are lucid and can be set to tune easily.

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