(Tamil), Pages 80 Rs 70/-
    A hands-on-experience which is the basis of healthy scientific study is the basis of the book. It is this which makes this book an usable guide to students of varied ages: from primary to high school levels. The book is richly illustrated with line drawings that clearly show how to conduct these simple experiments step by step.  The nook also explains to teachers how students should be psychologically motivated to receive science education.

    (Life Saving Tripala), Tamil, Rs 40/- [Out of Print]
    Triphala is a traditional combination of three medicinal plants that are found common throughout India. These are Amalaki/Nelli (Emblica officinalis), Bibhitaki/Thantrikai (Terminalia bellirica), and Haritaki/kadukkaai Terminalia chebula). The book clears all the doubts that may arise for a common person who wants to use this medicine. The book also shows how this can be used to purify water and also gives the biochemical components of the formulation.

    Tamil, Rs 70/-
    This is a book on agricultural technologies that are sustainable and eco-friendly. These are costeffective do-it-yourself technologies at the backyard of the farmer. The book gives the importance and the need of these technologies and also their relevance to small and marginal farmers. The book speaks about the need for creating a web of relations inside the farmer’s homestead.  The book is in Tamil. It is richly illustrated with colour pictures and photos. This is also a doit-yourself book and a guide. This is a must for all farmers and students of sustainable development in Tamil Nadu.

    Tamil. Rs 25/-
    The book details the agronomic practices for the cultivation of the plant - Amukkara (Vitania sominifera). The different local varieties of the plant, seed care, plant protection means are also explained. The harvesting and storage is explained in the book.The book has different multi-color plates. The explanations are simple. It inspires the common reader to take up home cultivation as well as commercial cultivation of this plant.

    (Traditional venom/poison treatment methods), Tamil, Rs 40/-
    This is a very important book in the history of indigenous medicines. It explains the precautions. It details the method of preparing the formulations for treatment. This book is a valuable addition in conserving and disseminating the traditional knowledge of our communities in this vital aspect of the health care.  The book is written in a lucid style and is a must for every household.  This is a life saving book.

    (When shall we save the environment and shall live happily?), Tamil, Rs 15/- [Out of Print]
    In a simple and effective way the book explores the different dimensions of preserving the well being of the planet.The book shows through illustrations how all life is interconnected. It shows how farmer in his field is helped by the web of life. The book also details what lessons and values of life can be learnt from other life forms and natural phenomenon

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