Title: Biogas : A Manual on repair and maintenance [Tamil] This book is a guide for biogas users, masons and engineers. It helps the reader in identifying the problems that come up during biogas installation and usage. It helps in effective maintenance and repairs of the plant.The book has technical diagrams which are presented in a way even layman can understand. This is a must for every biogas user and constructor: for both layman and professional.

    English, Rs 70/-
    The book provides detailed concepts and methodology of nardep mode of Azolla cultivation. It also gives the diagrams of various methods of integration of this technology with the farmer’s homestead. The book also gives agronomical practices to be followed in using Azolla in the paddy field. The book has fourteen chapters including user feedback from different sections of the society.

    Title: A second look at Agriculture. This book deals with how chemical agriculture is destroying the fertility of the soil as well as the economy and quality of life of the farmer and the health of the soil.

    English, Rs 60/-
    Free of jargons yet conveying the science and technology behind the biogas without dilution this book is another publication which can reach out to vast sections of the population including students, biogas technology trainers, biogas users and maintenance and installation personnel. The benefit analysis providing a case for subsidiary is aimed at policy makers. The book is excellent introduction to the technology as well as a ready-hand reference for its various aspects.

    Green Foot-Prints brings together the eco-wisdom from the living heritages of all humanity with specific relevance to a developing nation and an ancient civilization like India that is Bharath. The book consists of four parts. The first part, Sacred Green enumerates how environmental care was embedded into our day to day culture and is part of our way of life. How the sense of sacredness flowers into Ecological Intelligence.

    English, Rs 15/- [Out of Print]
    This book is for the biogas users. It has instructions as to how to have optimum usage from biogas plant. It also provides useful information regarding simple maintenance techniques, inputs to the biogas and also the book provides tips about effective usage of the plant. The book also provides tips on solving simple common problems that the users may encounter.

    Shakti Surabhi© is the bio-methanation plant which produces energy from kitchen waste. It is a result of 25 years of VK-nardep work in the biogas field. It comes in various types and sizes: Fixed, portable, different volumes, large size for institutions etc. You can download an introductory brochure on this plant from our newly added downloads. You can download by clicking HERE

    English, Rs 15/- [Out of Print]
    This is a comprehensive introduction to the different renewable energy resources available for common Indians. The book provides an excellent introductory material for various eco-technologies for harnessing natural and renewable energy sources. The book also deals with geothermal energy and micro/mini hydral projects. The book is an excellent first time guide to students as well as common men for the concept of renewable energy and for nontechnical understanding of the technologies used for harnessing these forms of energy.

    English [Out of Print]
    Green Health Care for Livestock is a well-researched, easily understandable richly illustrated hand book for marginal dairy farmers and also extension workers working with marginal dairy farmers. The book covers cattle care, both preventive and curative. . The book has good and humorous cartoons which makes its reading a pleasure for a common man. It also makes the book attractive for students who may be interested in the subject. There is a glossary of 62 herbs that can be commonly used for the livestock treatment.

    English, Rs 150/-
    This is a richly illustrated handbook on rainwater  harvesting released by Vivekananda Kendra-NARDEP. [Book cover] The book contains two parts. The Part-I has all the panels of the water section of Gramodaya park. The Part-II has eight chapters each dealing with important aspects  of water harvesting.It also richly presents traditional wisdom in the form of indigenous water harvesting structure as well as in the form of couplets from ancient Tamil spiritual-ethical work Thirukural on the importance of saving rain water. On the whole the book provides a wonderful insight for both lay person and professional into the world of rainwater harvesting.

    English, Rs 15/-
    This book lucidly explains in the form of a conversation between a wise old man and a ‘progressive’ farmer the real perils of chemical farming despite the seeming initial successes.  The old man explains to the initially enthusiastic and soon to be depressed farmer that Indian traditional agricultural system is a time-tested system which is now in danger.This book is an ideal and important first step for  anyone interested in understanding the need and fundamentals of organic farming movement as well as sustainable development paradigm.

    English, Rs 20/-
    The book aims to accomplish the creation of eco-awareness by first highlighting the inter-connectedness of all life on earth as single grand system called Gaia. The book totally deals in 16 chapters important ecological issues and for each one of them it gives solutions. The last chapter is titled ‘Towards Sacred Earth’.

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