April 2020 (Yearly Report 2019 – 20)

Dear Friends,

Corona pandemic is a biggest blessing in disguise for the entire humanity. It is an opportunity for all of us to go back to our ancient wisdom and start “Living in tune with Nature”. VK-NARDEP is advocating this type of paradigm shift since its inspection in the year 1986. I am reproducing a very good letter which I received in the WhatsApp.

Dear Indians,

The government can only hold a lockdown for a certain period of time. The lockdown will end slowly. The govt. also will not show such strictness because the govt. has made you aware about Corona disease, social distinction, hand sanitization, etc. You are also seeing the situation after getting sick in the country. Now those who are sensible, understand their routine and work for a long time. The govt. will not guard you 24 hours 365 days. The future of you and your family is in your hands.

After the lockdown opens, think carefully, leave the house and go to work and do your work as per the rules. Do you think, after May 11, the Corona will suddenly go away and we will start living like before?

No, not at all!

This virus has taken route in our country, we have to learn to live with it. How?

How long will the govt. keep the lockdown? How long will the exit be banned? Now, we have to fight this virus by ourselves, by changing our life style, by strengthening our immunity. We have to adopt a life style getting back a 100 years. Eat a pure diet, eat pure spices, rely on amla, aloe vera, giloy, pepper, cloves etc. Free yourselves from the clutches of antibiotics. You have to increase the amount of nutritious food in your diet. Stop eating fast food, pizza, burgers, cold drinks. We have to change our utensils, we have to adopt heavy vessels like brass, bronze, copper from aluminium, steel etc. which naturally eliminate the virus also.

The amount of milk, curd, ghee will have to be increased in your diet. Forget the taste of the tongue and the spicy fried hotel garbage. Accept these and start implementing them from now on ……

This pandemic may end but keep this new life style forever. Enclosing yearly report 2019 – 20 for your perusal, please click here.

With best wishes,


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P.S: There will not be monthly newsletter of VK-Nardep for the month of April because of Lockdown. This yearly report will serve as this month’s newsletter.