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The veneration for all life is the basis of deep ecology and Swami Vivekananda points to this core aspect of all existence - its innate divinity. In continuation with our newsletters providing the vision of Swami Vivekananda that forms the spiritual substratum of the work of VK-nardep towards sustainable development, we provide this month an excerpt from the lecture of Swami Vivekananda where he dwells on the Upanishadic declaration 'isavasyam idam sarvam' - Divine permeates all existence. The statement is also rightly the motto of VK-nardep.. Swami Vivekananda says : "So work, says the Vedanta, putting God in everything, and knowing Him to be in everything. Work incessantly, holding life as something deified, as God Himself, and knowing that this is all we have to do, this is all we should ask for. God is in everything, where else shall we go to find Him?"

And that explains the works of VK-nardep.

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Even as we share this month newsletter with you, we are also sharing the pain and grief of all those who lost their dear ones in the Uttarakhand tragedy. This immense human tragedy has made us realize that our pilgrimages are meant to be green pilgrimages as well. They should have in them an in-built institutional respect for the grandness of nature. In fact the immense temple that stands at Kedarnath has been meeting such natural ravages from time immemorial and has withstood them all because those who envisioned this shrine also built it in tune with nature. Our pilgrims should be designed in a way and our so-called tourism industry should be made to respect these original values of our heritage that made us do these pilgrims. We along with the families of those who lost their lives in Uttarakhand share the pain and salute all those -primarily our army people- in saving the stranded pilgrims so bravely risking their own lives.

VK-nardep has been publishing now a series of thoughts of Swami Vivekananda which form the basis of the philosophy for sustainable development. He has underscored the importance of three seemingly diverse but related aspects of what later became the bedrock of ecological science as well as environmental movement namely the Infinite nature of existence, the underlying unity of its infinite diversity.He amazingly did not devalue one to emphasize the other but harmonized both. Diversity of existence is essential to realize the oneness of Nature. Realizing this oneness and striving to realize this oneness form the basis of our ethics as well as attitude of love and service towards all beings - from serving humanity to conserving bio-diversity. This month we bring an excerpt from the works of Swami Vivekananda where he speaks about this unity and its relation to serving all existence : Why should I love every one? Because they and I are one. Why should I love my brother? Because he and I are one. There is this oneness; this solidarity of the whole universe. From the lowest worm that crawls under our feet to the highest beings that ever lived — You can read the entire inspiring excerpt in our newsletter.

This month newsletter is about how the whole humanity is undergoing a complete transformation. This change is happening around us. Nevertheless we have a choice as to whether we want to change ourselves - as an individual. What is the nature of this change? How does this change makes a holistic transformation?   This newsletter presents you an excerpt on this subject of change from an interview with Gary Zukav – author of ‘Dancing Wu Li Masters’ – which was a pioneering book on physics and Eastern philosophy in early 1970s. However the interview itself is in 2012.

This month newsletter brings you the concept of an eight-fold platform for deep ecology and its implications for society and environmental protection. This is an excerpt from eco-philosopher Eric Katz's article titled, 'Deep Ecology: Faith, God and Nature' . He expresses wonderfully thus: " Because I identify with the rest of the natural world, I care for the rest of creation. I expand myself outward to include an interest in the value and flourishing of the entire natural environment. I come to understand that I can only fully realize myself through the flourishing—the Self-realization—of the entire natural universe."

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This month we bring in our newsletter an excerpt from a concept paper that deals with cultural values and bio-diversity conservation. In their paper ‘Integrating Cultural, Spiritual and Ethical Dimensions into Conservation Practice in a Rapidly Changing World',by Mark Infield & Arthur Mugisha, the authors bring out very clearly how each sub-set of cultural values are closely linked to various aspects of nature conservation. This gives a valuable framework for nature and bio-diversity conservation through culture. For a society like that of Indian society such a framework is very much important and relevant.

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This month newsletter brings you an important article excerpt that deals with the coming water crisis in India and how to overcome it in an inclusive way. Noted Eco-analyst Rohini Nilakeni says in that article thus: A low-water economy should rest on the principle that water be left in its natural state in the environment as much as possible. Every drop extracted must be justified. Every drop used must be recycled and reused whenever possible.

Indigenous Wisdom is a treasure chest for humanity that has been ignored and endangered by humanity in the name of progress. This month newsletter focusses on how to harness the benefits of indigenous wisdom for sustainable development. Thus we have excerpts from Prof. Rose von Thater-Braan on the need for Cognitive Pluralism rather than cognitive imperialism.

Then we bring you the news of our various activities in the field of sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and indigenous health system: installing apiculture to imparting training in Bio-methanation plant True to the philosophy of conserving and harnessing indigenous wisdom, Vivekananda Kendra-nardep walks the talk by conserving the indigenous knowledge of treating poisnous bites : by meeting and documenting the knowledge of Visha Vaidhyas.