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    Cost Effective Construction

    The aim of VK-nardep is to revive the traditional cost-effective green architectures and bring together the various such architectural pluralism and the engineering as well as ecological knowledge embedded in these technologies. The ultimate aim is to reduce the cost of building as well as arrest green house gas emission in the constructions undertaken in a community with the aim of reduction by 10-12 percent.

    The following are the Cost-effective construction technologies promoted by VK-nardep:

    • Stabilized Earth blocks
    • Hollow & Pavement blocks
    • Rat trap bond
    • Arches; Domes and vaults
    • Ferro cement
    • Roofing with different types of filler slab; Jalis; Chettinad tiles and Pre-cast materials.

    Let us see in detail one of these cost-effective technologies mentioned here:

    Ferro Cement technology

    One of the important cost-effective construction solutions which is also eco-friendly is Ferro-cement technology. It reduces use of wood for the construction of doors, windows etc. It is also useful in building water storage structures that can be used for community purposes. However the problem is the propagation of this technology,

    Our approach to the problem of technology dissemination has been at various levels. One important innovation by VK-nardep is the value-addition to this technology. There is also synergetic coupling of this technology with other highly adaptable sustainable technologies. This integrates Ferro-cement technology as part and parcel of the way of life rather than a separate piecemeal technological intervention.

    As we also work in the field of rain water harvesting and management of local water resources by community. Here we have introduced the Ferro-cement technology for the construction of storage tanks. This community structures as well as household water storage structures made of Ferro-cement make them affordable for the rural communities and also help in technology dissemination.

    Technological Synergy:

    VK-nardep also uses the Ferro-Cement technology in the fabrication of the fixed model plant of Shakthi-Surabhi. Shakthi-Surabhi is a highly successful model of bio-methanation plant that we had innovated and disseminating. It produces gas from domestic-kitchen waste.

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